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Driving for only a few miles you will find yourself in places of big, touristic and archaeological interest. For unlimited possibilities choose a 4x4 vehicle.

  • Cave of the Lakes
  • Helmos ski resort
  • Rack railway
  • Grand Cave
  • Kalavrita
  • Ladonas


You should pay a visit to the Cave of the Lakes, in Kastria, that has been exploited to a large extent and admire the subterranean lakes, artistically set in levels, that will charm you along with their beautiful shapes and colours. Nature has achieved great things in this area . At the foot of the mountain Helmos is Planitero where you can enjoy fresh partridge straight from the local fisheries.

The ski resort is on the north side of Helmos mountain, in the location Vathia Lakka ( 5400ft-7500ft). It’ s 14km away from Kalavrita and 200km from Athens. There are twelve disposable skating-rinks of 20 km length. There are seven lifts operating, able to transfer 5000 persons per day. In the imposing white landscape of one of the most modern ski resorts in the country you will find snowmobiles and full equipment to cover your needs if you want to go skiing or snowboarding.

The European Path E4 starting from Diakofto crosses Helmos. The path follows the rack railway lines up to Kalavrita. The train crosses the Vouraikos Gorge since 1889. The Gorge’s rich flora is protected as a natural monument. The railway lines pass through the tunnels which are a perfect place for hiking but hikers must be well informed about the train’s time-table for safety reasons.

The marked route extends outside the city where you will have to cross a 2km dirt path that ends in an asphalted road lead ing to the ski resort. Going uphill, after 4000ft, you find a col, where St. Nicolas church is located. Afterwards the E4 path heads for south leading hikers to the Ano and Kato Loussi villages. Another path will take you to Helmos Shelter in the location ' Pouliou Vrisi’ and from there to the River Styx, where Thetis washed her son Achilles. For further informations, if you are a climber or you want to become one, ask for a map of the area at the hostel’ s reception desk.

From Oriades take the road to Kalavrita, enjoy the wonderful course through the gorge next to Vouraiko and go for lunch in Zachlorou. From Zachlorou you can take a walk or drive to the monastery of the Grand Cave which was built in 362AD by the brothers Simeon and Theodor. Inside the convent is the renowned icon of Virgin Mary which was created by Evangelist Loukas. The convent hooked on the rock balances between the awe and the greatness. Pay it a visit and become familiar with the elements of the region’ s folklore wealth inside the Cave’s museum.

Kalavrita: this picturesque village, enchanting all year long, has many beautiful places to visit. The village’s main road is full of coffee houses, traditional taverns, "mezedopolia" and patisseries. The church tower overhang s the village’s square with the clock on the left bell-tower having burnt and showing until this very moment the hour that the nightmare of execution started taking place. There you will find the historical museum. The Place of Sacrifice is only 1 km away from the town’ s center.

On the bo rder line between Achaia and Archadia floats one of the most captivating rivers of Peloponn ese, which forms an impressive artificial lake of 60000 hectars. Discover the Ladona’s wild beauty through the activities of alternative tourism – the area is just now starting to develop and is entitled to have your attention.

The water s cascade from the Helmos slopes, into the heart of mountainous Achaia, cross western Archadia and float into the river Alphaeus’ spings, on the border line between Archadia and Ilia. Ladonas river which is over 60km long is the new trend for the alternative travellers of Peloponn ese. Though it’s considered to be one of the most difficult in Greece, nowadays even a beginner can enjoy the experience of going down the river. The facilities are located on the Ladona ' s banks, 7km east of Daphni village. Before this spot is discovered by the omnipresent fanatic, alternative tourists, organise a spring weekend just for kayaking, canyoning, rafting or horseriding, mountain biking, driving with jeeps, even archery and mountain orientation. Eco Action’s( +30 210 3317866-7) staff of twenty trainers and the foundation’ s quaint , wooden facilities will provide you with anything necessary. Here you can find proper equipments for any chosen activity.



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